• YEAR : 2019
  • LOCATION : Olifant's River Game Reserve
  • CATEGORY : Hospitality
  • CLIENT : Private Client
Olifantsriver Game Reserve, Phalaborwa


Olifant’s River Rondawel

Olifants River Game Reserve, Phalaborwa
Rondawel located in the Olifants Rivier Game Reserve. Based on the concept of Zoomorphism various components of the architecture were informed by the anatomy of a Porcupine and a Pangolin. A new pergola structure was designed to guide the visitors into the rodawel while providing shelter and shade below the large vstoep with a view into the bush. A new curving natural stone wall creates a series of sheltered private spaces that provides privacy to the fire pit, main bedroom and the outdoor shower from the surrounding units.

Project Information:

  • Project Value: R2 million
  • Project Size: 60 m²
  • Project Type: Residential; Hospitality
  • Status: Design Development