• YEAR : 2020
  • LOCATION : Pretoria, South Africa
  • CATEGORY : Commercial
  • CLIENT : Penta Motor Group


Penta Motor Group Showroom

Pretoria, South Africa

Discover our innovative concept design for revitalizing a motor showroom in Pretoria. Our team has created a unique exhibition space for vintage cars, where the building’s facade, facing the road, features a series of cantilevered pods that showcase these prized possessions. This concept draws inspiration from the captivating display of collectible model cars in transparent cases. Additionally, a sleek steel and aluminum louver system encases the central display area, generating a spacious, shaded ground floor that will display used vehicles. A striking brick fin painted in a bold charcoal hue envelops the roof and extends diagonally towards the ground, accentuating the new entrance and defining the building’s overall aesthetic. The chosen color palette complements the showroom’s strong and masculine brand, providing a neutral background that allows the cars to shine as the true stars of the interior.

Project information

  • Project Value: R20 million
  • Project Size: 5 000 m┬▓
  • Project Type: Vehicle Showroom; Commercial
  • Status:┬áConcept proposal