Robotics Lab




Kempton park




Kruinsig Primary School

  • YEAR : 2023
  • LOCATION : Kempton park
  • CATEGORY : Educational
  • CLIENT : Kruinsig Primary School


Robotics Lab

Laerskool Kruinsig, Kempton park

The design concept of the Robotics lab was to create a new intervention within an existing building that distinguishes itself as a new typology embodying the innovative future of learning. The design concept incorporates the school’s branding with primary colors to establish its identity while challenging the conventional approach to educational design through its form-giving. The staircase design consists of a steel tower structure with plexiglass cladding, a yellow-painted steel-angle iron louvered screen, and a folded steel balustrade with cut-out openings. These elements serve as a wayfinding element from the visitor’s parking, provide safety for children, and become a meeting place for the students. At night the staircase functions as a lantern, with the steel tower and cladding becoming an illuminated beacon.


The interior design, done in collaboration with Monocle interior architects, explored the principle that the classroom of the future does not need to have a front side where the chalkboard and teachers desk is located as is the case with traditional classrooms.  This allows the space to accommodate different teaching styles, furniture layouts, and spatial configurations.

Custom-designed, trapezium-shaped tables provide flexibility in spatial configuration and can be configured into various shapes depending on the activity. A stacking folding door with a vinyl graphic inspired by the pattern of a motherboard is used to split the two classrooms and can be opened to join the spaces and become one large classroom. The roof of the existing building has recessed bulkheads and polycarbonate sheeting to create skylights that bring in natural light. A yellow louvered screen filters the light and doubles as wall cladding or floating shelves. Suspended LED pendants provide task lighting.


Overall, the Robotics lab is a playful and innovative design intervention that challenges traditional educational design and establishes its own identity as the classroom of the future.

Project information

  • Project Value: R1,5 million
  • Project Size: 184m²
  • Project Type: Educational
  • Status: Completed