The Atlanta Gatehouse and Lifestyle




Rooihuiskraal, Centurion


High Density Residential


Central Development

  • YEAR : 2022
  • LOCATION : Rooihuiskraal, Centurion
  • CATEGORY : High Density Residential
  • CLIENT : Central Development


The Atlanta Gatehouse and Lifestyle center

Amberfield city, Centurion
The gatehouse of The Atlanta residential estate consists of a Guard house on ground floor with a staircase leading up to the offices above which will house the marketing and sales teams. The staircase is enclosed by a plastered free form wall which breaks away from the geometric forms of the rest of the Gatehouse to accentuate the vertical circulation route up towards the offices. A mono-pitch roof slopes out at an angle to provide an overhang and solar control for the windows of the office which opens up onto a planter on the outside. Off-shutter concrete roofs define the entrance and exit of the estate. The pre-cast concrete staircase leading up to the office is detailed with a series of thin rectangular steel sections that form the balustrade which gives the staircase the impression that it is suspended from the roof above.
The Lifestyle center consists of a series of louvers that provide shade over the large patio with the direction of these louvers being altered to create the effect of a woven tapestry in the way that the shadows are cast on the surfaces below. A curving feature wall provides privacy at the bathroom area and a series of planters have walls that slope down to disappear into the landscape. A planted screen allows the landscape to grow onto the building and form part of the façade which defines the entrance of the Clubhouse. The lifestyle component of the development consists of a swimming pool, trampolines, a splash pool for kids with fountains and different jungle gyms and swings. These pockets of open green space are scattered throughout the estate and containing different play areas for kids which is connected by means of a network of meandering jogging trails which leads towards the clubhouse. This encourages an active lifestyle and creates opportunities for social interaction between residents to foster a greater sense of community.

Project information

  • Project Value: R3 million
  • Project Size: 239m2
  • Project Type:  High Density; Residential
  • Status: Design development